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Chicken Teriyaki Casserole

We're huddled up inside the house while we get blasted with the newest round of arctic weather. Sure, we're not getting dumped with feet of snow and the temperatures aren't 20 below zero, but when those howling north winds blow it sure feels like it. I decided to risk my sleepiness yesterday and run all… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki Casserole

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Harissa Roasted Chicken & Veggies

I'm all about trying new things. I like going to new exhibits, I love trying new activities (zip lining in the mountains? Let me cry a little bit first but then try it), and I especially love trying new foods. I've eaten at pretty much every restaurant that Oklahoma City has to offer, except the… Continue reading Harissa Roasted Chicken & Veggies

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Green Chili Pork Frito Pie

When my station brings food to a work party, we go all out. Case in point: Our Super Bowl work party. I brought cheeseburger party sliders and mini bagel breakfast sandwiches (we do work the early, early morning shift, you know). Another coworker brought crockpot queso, brown-sugar bacon wrapped lil' smokies, homemade cookies, pigs in… Continue reading Green Chili Pork Frito Pie

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Beef and Broccoli Ramen

Strange comfort foods have always plagued me. No matter how hard I try to eat healthy and try new things in the kitchen, I'll always come back to those pre-packaged, not-so-good for you comfort foods. I'm talking toaster streudels, Eggo waffles, Fritos with bean dip...and ramen. Ah, ramen. The little 10 cent packages that contain… Continue reading Beef and Broccoli Ramen

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Barbecue Ranch Chicken Casserole

The wind sure is sweeping down the plain here in Oklahoma. We're gusting to 30 miles per hour almost, and have already seen a few grassfires spark out west. There's an ugly brown hue replacing the brilliant blue sky. Even when we're blessed with some warmer weather, we're cursed with these hellish winds. You've got… Continue reading Barbecue Ranch Chicken Casserole