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Sheet Pan Roasted Kielbasa & Cabbage

Approximately 4 more days until Rob and I go on vacation. I. Cannot. Wait. It's going to be a hell of a trip. We're driving from OKC to Montana, which is about 24 hours, but we'll split it into 2 days. Unfortunately, we aren't leaving on Wednesday until Rob gets off at noon, so we'll… Continue reading Sheet Pan Roasted Kielbasa & Cabbage

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Green Chile Breakfast Burritos

Wichita Falls, Texas, isn't on a lot of people's radars. It's never in any Buzzfeed list. You have to preface it with, "just a couple hours north of Dallas" when people ask you where you're from. Even the biggest names to ever come out of Wichita Falls (see: band Bowling for Soup) refuse to admit… Continue reading Green Chile Breakfast Burritos

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White Bean & Turkey Sausage Gnocchi

You guys. You won't believe this. I got sick. Again. That's three different illnesses in two weeks. How is that even possible?! What curse did I stumble into? I've got a cough, congestion, and that's about it. I don't feel bad and I've got no fever so I guess it's just a regular cold? I'm… Continue reading White Bean & Turkey Sausage Gnocchi

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Sheet Pan Greek Chicken Dinner

I only have one more present left to buy, one more left to wrap (when it finally gets here), and stocking stuffers left to accrue. I'm actually being a decent human being this Christmas, yay me! Usually I'll wait until the last minute, and I mean┬álast minute,┬áto get all of my presents. I'm a procrastinator… Continue reading Sheet Pan Greek Chicken Dinner