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Texas Caviar Dip

Ah, the rain. Lovely rain. These past few days we've seen it rain almost non-stop. I'm okay with that. I pretty much hate the sun. Cloudy, overcast, drizzly weather is what I prefer. I would like to see some sunshine today, though. We're having our annual storm chaser barbecue at our Chief Meteorologist's house, and… Continue reading Texas Caviar Dip

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Curry Kale Chips

It has been one ill-prepared ice storm after another, here in Oklahoma. And by ill-prepared, I mean the storm itself wasn't prepared. Forecasts, meteorologists, even the National Weather Service warned everyone about impending doom...and then? Nothing. Not a speck of ice. Temperatures would hover in the low 30's, but never dip like they were supposed to. Bread,… Continue reading Curry Kale Chips