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Cranberry, Pecan & Chicken Pinwheels

The day went from normal, slow, and boring to thrilling and nail-bitingly stressful in a split second. That's the life of television news. No matter how well you prepare for a show, you never know what's going to happen. A deadly car crash on a major highway shut it down for a few hours this… Continue reading Cranberry, Pecan & Chicken Pinwheels

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Honey-Thyme Marinated Cheddar

It's back to the grind of daily life. After a week of holiday---oh, who am I kidding? I got zero days off from work last week! The only things “holiday” were stories written into my newscast. And, of course, I had a Friendsgiving gathering to attend on Saturday. It's the one Thanksgiving plan I had mapped out… Continue reading Honey-Thyme Marinated Cheddar

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Curry Kale Chips

It has been one ill-prepared ice storm after another, here in Oklahoma. And by ill-prepared, I mean the storm itself wasn't prepared. Forecasts, meteorologists, even the National Weather Service warned everyone about impending doom...and then? Nothing. Not a speck of ice. Temperatures would hover in the low 30's, but never dip like they were supposed to. Bread,… Continue reading Curry Kale Chips