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Texas Fudge

Have you ever heard of fudge made with Velveeta? I'm not talking about a savory, cheesy fudge. I'm talking about a chocolate fudge that gets its creaminess from Velveeta cheese. That's a weird recipe I stumbled upon in an old church cookbook a few years ago. I googled it and apparently making fudge with Velveeta… Continue reading Texas Fudge

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Cocktail Sunflower Seeds

I've never been a huge fan of sunflower seeds. The problem I have with them isn't taste; it's how exactly to eat them. I'm not a master at getting the shells off and enjoying what's inside. I don't like to work for my food. I'd rather pop a handful of almonds or cashews instead of… Continue reading Cocktail Sunflower Seeds

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Turkey & Cranberry Sliders

Whoever invented the Hawaiian roll slider, bless them. I've made these things a dozen different times in a dozen different ways. They always turn out marvelous. There's just something about Hawaiian rolls that makes them so good. You could probably slap a piece of tree bark and gravel between two sides of a Hawaiian roll… Continue reading Turkey & Cranberry Sliders