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Pickle Lovers Chicken Salad

What do you do when you're insanely stressed out? I know some people that take out their stress at the gym (ew). Others will do yoga. Nap. Read. Get lost in a wonderful television show and binge it for hours. I tend to take out my stress on food. I'll grab those conference room donuts… Continue reading Pickle Lovers Chicken Salad

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20-Minute Moo Shu Chicken Tacos

Moo Shu is something that I've never had before in my life. It's not a staple of American-Chinese restaurants in Oklahoma or Texas. I believe it's mainly an East coast thing; brought over by Chinese immigrants and exploding in popularity in the 1960's. The dish never really made it past the Mississippi River. I've seen… Continue reading 20-Minute Moo Shu Chicken Tacos