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Spicy Baked Flounder with Peach Salsa

I would definitely say that I'm one of those people that enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. Does it always work in my favor? Of course not. At the same time though, you learn a lot from experimentation. There have been quite a few disasters in the kitchen that I've made. Y'all only get the good… Continue reading Spicy Baked Flounder with Peach Salsa

dinner · entree · fish

Baked Fish Parmesan

Rob is off galavanting around all over Kansas City for his Bachelor's party this weekend. You know what that means? Tons of cooking and endless hours of Netflix binging for me! I've barely managed to scrap myself off the couch this weekend. I'm perfectly content with that. Of course, I cooked up a lot of… Continue reading Baked Fish Parmesan