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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

I took a risk over the weekend in the kitchen, and almost took the loss. It's not everyday I try something completely out of my comfort zone. I won't try to make my own pasta. I don't want to grind and stuff homemade sausage. Don't ask me to make a souffle, clafoutis, or creme brulee.… Continue reading Roasted Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

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Leen’s Favorite Roasted Cauliflower

I've been digging on cauliflower since it became cool to eat it. I'm talking 20+ years ago, y'all. When I was a kid, my favorite veggie in a vegetable tray was the raw cauliflower (dunked in oodles of ranch, of course). My family has been using it as a side dish for years. One of… Continue reading Leen’s Favorite Roasted Cauliflower

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Honey Mustard Chicken Chopped Salad

Despite my "trying to eat better" attitude and mindset, I had to try a new restaurant that opened in uptown Oklahoma City yesterday. A biscuit restaurant. Is there anything better than biscuits!? I actually had this idea years ago to open a restaurant centered solely around biscuits, but it looks like Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co.… Continue reading Honey Mustard Chicken Chopped Salad