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Pimiento Cheese & Ham Breakfast Sandwich

I love how my grocery store branches out to cater to people with different diets. There's a gluten-free section and a vegan section. My grocery store constantly stocks the shelves with local and small-business-made items. I can find different types of Asian noodles there with ease. But my favorite find so far is probably the… Continue reading Pimiento Cheese & Ham Breakfast Sandwich

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Pimiento Cheese and Mac with Chicken Sausage

It baffles me that there are still people in this world that don't know what pimiento cheese is. What?! How can this be?!?! I basically grew up on the neon-orange cheese spread. Big globs of the stuff nestled between two slices of white bread. That was my ultimate lunch on those sticky-hot dog days of… Continue reading Pimiento Cheese and Mac with Chicken Sausage