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Pork Tenderloin & Cajun Slaw

It's been a rough week, food-wise. First, there was Valentine's Day. We got four (!!!) boxes of donuts at work, tons of sweets and candies, and about two dozen cookies. Can you walk by a table full of that stuff and NOT grab something? I think not. Then, Rob & I went to dinner for… Continue reading Pork Tenderloin & Cajun Slaw

dinner · keto · pork

Carnitas Bowls with Chimichurri

I haven't been cooking much with pork lately and decided I needed to change that. You can only have chicken or turkey every day of the week for so long before you get really bored with it. Seafood is expensive, and a once-or-twice a month type purchase. I'm trying to cut down on the red… Continue reading Carnitas Bowls with Chimichurri

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Cherry Pepper Mayo

I whipped out my slow cooker the other day. It had been far too long since I last used my favorite kitchen device. Far too long. I got a cutie Pioneer Woman slow cooker for Christmas, and probably have only used it a half a dozen times since then. I can't give you a good… Continue reading Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Cherry Pepper Mayo