Welcome Back to Foodie Paradise

So…it has been a while. Four months, to be exact.

Sorry for the long hiatus. Don’t worry, I’ve still been cooking—and eating.

Eating lots of delicious foods. Going on tons of new adventures. Experiencing a handful of new restaurants. And trying new techniques in the kitche

So, what precisely have I been up to? Well, let’s take a pictorial tour of the last four months.

I disappeared from the blogging sphere in August, right when a new Good Egg Dining group restaurant was opening here in OKC. Good Egg, which owns OKC staples like Cheever’s and Tuckers Onion Burgers, opened a seafood restaurant (The Drake) deep in the heart of landlocked Midtown. I had been following them on Twitter since I read an article in Edible magazine and was very much anticipating their grand opening. I got way more than I bargained for—this place was a delight.



I mean, LOOK AT THOSE OYSTERS! They have fresh oysters flown in daily from multiple locations near the east coast. They were some of the best oysters I’ve ever tasted, and the mignonettes you could choose from were fantastic (the cucumber one was my favorite).

I went to The Drake with a big group of friends, so we shared everything we got. I tried the lobster roll as an entrée, and it was so buttery and luscious that I wanted to bathe in their lobster rolls when I was done.


The lobster mix was served on a brioche bun with butter lettuce—the icing on a delicate cake.


Next up, Rob and I took a little trip to Dallas. It’s only a three hour drive from OKC, and we had a fantastic weekend there. We went to the last home game of the Rangers season, toured the Dallas Aquarium, and ate…boy, did we eat. The above picture is Rob chowing down on some smoked brisket from Lockhart Smokehouse, a curious little place in the Bishop Arts District. One word: phenomenal. And cheap! BBQ is a hot commodity in OKC and I’ve gotten used to how freaking expensive it can be. This place was almost half the price for what you would get in OKC.

Cloud 9 pie from Emporium Pies. Bishop Arts District, Dallas, TX.

Next up, Halloween! I went with a group of friends to a little pumpkin patch and we invoked our inner child by going on a hay ride, through a corn maze, and petting farm animals. IMG_1424

And we got pumpkins to carve! I also picked up a few acorn squash to cook. Halloween night itself was a blur—I soaked in the annual Halloween parade in downtown OKC, then headed to a friends bar in Edmond where the drinks flowed.IMG_1528

PS: I was a cat. Meow.

November: My birthday! My present from Rob: Getting to go to my first Thunder game! IMG_1580

The Thunder lost, though. But we had a ton of fun!

My friend Greg and I decided to get reservations to the fanciest restaurant in town, Vast. Vast is on the very tip-top of the tallest building in OKC, the Devon Tower, and has an incredible view of downtown. We got gussied up and had a great TREAT YO SELF night. I tried the sensationally seared duck breast, which is what dreams are made of.


December: So. Much. Christmas! This was the first time in my life that I had decorated my own apartment. I went into full-fledge Susie Homemaker mode and decorated absolutely EVERYTHING. Got lots of gifts, including a new WiiU, and then flew to Montana to spend Christmas with my family. It was a blast.


Montana is known for craft beers and microbrewery’s (and NOT known for good eats), so we stopped by two great places while we were there: Bowser’s and Mighty Mo’s.


The beers were sensational, and I discovered a love for flights of beer. And look at that classic trout beer holder! A Montana treat.

My friend Jordann got me this amazing measuring cup set, which goes perfectly with all of my other owl kitchen gadgets…IMG_1707

January: Jordann and I tried out a Guatemalan restaurant known for their delicious breakfast & brunch items. Horchata latte? Sure! Refried black beans? Get out of here! Longaniza? So good!FullSizeRender (7)

Now, here we are. I’ve managed to acquire a trillion new recipe books within the last few months, and have created a lot of new dishes, so stay tuned for some truly unique dishes to make in the coming weeks and months. Chow!


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