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BBQ Chicken Bowls

There's been radio silence on my end the past few days because I haven't been able to move. Literally. Not because I'm injured, or in pain---no. It's because our air conditioner went out late Saturday night, and Rob and I have spent the last two hottest days of the year (so far) with just the… Continue reading BBQ Chicken Bowls

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BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato Layered Enchiladas

Are you noticing a trend lately? A spicy, full-flavored trend? I've been on a Mexican food kick here for the past few weeks. I can't explain it. I guess it was inspired by the Cinco de Mayo holiday last weekend, and it's just continued from there. Most of the Mexican food I make is a… Continue reading BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato Layered Enchiladas

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BBQ Chicken and Potatoes Skillet

The temperatures are dipping outside, leaves have started to fall, and autumn recipe books have hit shelves. Looks like fall is really just right around the corner! I couldn't be more happy...fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. Also, we're now less than two months away from my wedding! I'm nervous and scared… Continue reading BBQ Chicken and Potatoes Skillet