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Texas Caviar Dip

Ah, the rain. Lovely rain. These past few days we've seen it rain almost non-stop. I'm okay with that. I pretty much hate the sun. Cloudy, overcast, drizzly weather is what I prefer. I would like to see some sunshine today, though. We're having our annual storm chaser barbecue at our Chief Meteorologist's house, and… Continue reading Texas Caviar Dip

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BBQ Chicken and Potatoes Skillet

The temperatures are dipping outside, leaves have started to fall, and autumn recipe books have hit shelves. Looks like fall is really just right around the corner! I couldn't be more happy...fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. Also, we're now less than two months away from my wedding! I'm nervous and scared… Continue reading BBQ Chicken and Potatoes Skillet