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Chicken, Bacon & Green Bean Stir Fry

A true clean-out-your-kitchen type meal. Use leftover chicken or turkey if you wish for this stir-fry that also includes roasted green beans, cabbage, carrots, and everyone's favorite: BACON.

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Chicken Teriyaki Zoodles

I am straight up exhausted. Flip-flopping my schedule has been harder than I thought. I worked until 11 last night, then woke up at 7 to go to a doctor's appointment today---and will go to bed at around 4 in the afternoon so I can get up at 2 am tomorrow morning. Ugh. Despite the… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki Zoodles

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Chicken & Mushroom Cauliflower Fried Rice

Let's talk about cauliflower rice. Is it my favorite thing on this planet? No. Is it a competent stand-in for regular rice? Barely. But if you put enough seasoning on it, mix it with a few of your favorite ingredients, and stir-fry it to oblivion---it actually ends up tasting pretty decent. I have been seriously… Continue reading Chicken & Mushroom Cauliflower Fried Rice

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15 Minute Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I originally wasn't going to take pictures/post this recipe. You see at least a trillion copycat P.F. Chang's chicken lettuce wraps on Pinterest when scrolling through boards. However, I think mine is the best of all. I'm sure other people think the same thing, but I'm not kidding---these are incredible. The best part? It only… Continue reading 15 Minute Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps