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Brussels Sprouts & Smoked Sausage Salad

Targeted ads on my social media feeds here lately have really gotten to me. Ad agencies are getting better and better at getting me to buy things, and social media ads are no joke. I can count at least 3 times this past month where I exclaimed, "I've GOT to have that" while scrolling past… Continue reading Brussels Sprouts & Smoked Sausage Salad

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Chicken & Veggie Skillet Dinner

Sometimes, all you want for dinner is something that you can make with one pan and one pan only. There's nothing worse than preparing a recipe and finding out you have to use 10 different pots, pans, bowls, and plates. Where's the fun in that?! You'll spend the rest of your evening doing dishes instead… Continue reading Chicken & Veggie Skillet Dinner