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Spring Vegetable & Quinoa Salad

Up until this point, I refused to cave to the supreme commercialization of the strange ancient grain that is quinoa. I would see it everywhere I went. People proclaimed it a "super food" and tried to promote it as better than pasta. Food blogs, magazines, and menus quickly began to become overrun with quinoa recipes. Whatever, I thought. All of… Continue reading Spring Vegetable & Quinoa Salad

Meatless Monday

Roasted Portobello & Chickpea Flatbread

The other day Rob & I went thrift shopping to find a friend a gag house-warming gift. Of course I, being the cookbook fiend that I am, had to browse the book section.  And holy moly, did I find some gems:  The one on the left is from the Wichita Kansas Junior League (circa 1979).… Continue reading Roasted Portobello & Chickpea Flatbread


Fettuccini with Asparagus and Gorgonzola Sauce

It's spring, so asparagus and peas are in. In season, that is. I'd like to meet the one person on this planet that doesn't like asparagus. Even the pickiest of eaters love the stuff.   Same goes for peas. Even kids love peas. Put anything else green in front of them and you'll hear a resounding "no",… Continue reading Fettuccini with Asparagus and Gorgonzola Sauce