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Chicken Parmesan Sliders

The past few days we've been running non-stop stories coming out of Houston and the devastating flooding. The video has just been heartbreaking. I think natural disasters like this one really tug more at Oklahomans hearts. We've seen our fair share of disasters. Tornadoes, epic ice storms, and did I mention tornadoes? It reminds me… Continue reading Chicken Parmesan Sliders


Texas Jam Cake with Maple Frosting

I sense instability in the force. Well, more like instability in the atmosphere. Six days ago, the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma sent out it's predictive outlook for Tuesday, April 26th. That outlook? Not good. The instability of the atmosphere, coupled with warm temperatures and low humidity, has set us up for a moderate… Continue reading Texas Jam Cake with Maple Frosting


Sausage and Sweet Potato Casserole

Is there a difference between sweet potatoes and yams?  If there is, I want to know. I feel as if they're the same thing. I do hear some people referring to their sweetened/marshmallowey dish as "yams" at Thanksgiving potlucks. So is that the difference? Sweet potatoes=plain, yams=sweetened?  If anybody knows the answer to this debacle, please… Continue reading Sausage and Sweet Potato Casserole