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Italian Roasted Broccoli

It's been a while. Well, less than a week, but still. I spent the majority of last week laid up on a couch. I had some kind of respiratory infection and it knocked me out for a while. I finally went to the doctor on Wednesday and got some antibiotics and steroids. Thank god for… Continue reading Italian Roasted Broccoli

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German Sheet Pan Dinner

I'm on day 2 of this whole Keto diet thing and it's going far. I may or may not have day-dreamt about a peppermint ice cream shake from Braum's the whole way home. I've been chugging water like it's my life blood. I've already blown through more than a gallon of water today. Multiple… Continue reading German Sheet Pan Dinner

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Sheet Pan Greek Chicken Dinner

I only have one more present left to buy, one more left to wrap (when it finally gets here), and stocking stuffers left to accrue. I'm actually being a decent human being this Christmas, yay me! Usually I'll wait until the last minute, and I mean last minute, to get all of my presents. I'm a procrastinator… Continue reading Sheet Pan Greek Chicken Dinner