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Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad

We're now entering that time of year where potlucks and parties are on a consistent basis. Cookouts, graduations, Memorial's all going on right now. If you're like me, you both love and hate this time of year. You love it because of the food, family, and fun. Hate it because your schedule is so… Continue reading Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad

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Turkey Taco Meatballs

I don't think I've ever met a meatball I didn't like. I've made meatballs a dozen different times in a dozen different ways. Chicken and zucchini. meatball parmesan, buffalo chicken, cajun---meatballs are a go-to snack item for me. I found this old Betty Crocker recipe the other day in my collection and tweaked it a… Continue reading Turkey Taco Meatballs

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Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Poblanos

I had to google what the difference between chiles and peppers yesterday. And guess what? I still don't understand what separates them from each other. It has something to do with the chemical makeup of what makes them spicy or not, but that's all weird scientific semantics to me. Peppers, chiles, whatever you call them---they… Continue reading Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Poblanos