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Cranberry-Coconut Relish

Since we're closing in on the New Year, I've been looking at my stats and analytics that have come through my blog all year. I'm happy to say I DOUBLED visitors and views over last year! I still have a long road to go to get my little niche of the internet where I want… Continue reading Cranberry-Coconut Relish

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Brisket Chili

The quest for the best chili continues in my household. I've made chili only a handful of times in my life, each time something different. The last time I posted a chili recipe (a few years ago!) I made it with lentils and chicken. A time before, with pumpkin and turkey. I've made regular chilis… Continue reading Brisket Chili

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Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Poblanos

I had to google what the difference between chiles and peppers yesterday. And guess what? I still don't understand what separates them from each other. It has something to do with the chemical makeup of what makes them spicy or not, but that's all weird scientific semantics to me. Peppers, chiles, whatever you call them---they… Continue reading Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Poblanos