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Smoky Pork, Potato & Apple Bake

Have you ever visited a farm before? I'm talking a real, live farm----like Old MacDonald's---complete with cows, chickens, gardens and barn cats. That kind of farm. I got to visit one for the first time this past week: Providence Farms. The old farmhouse was cute and the ducklings and chicks were even cuter. The family that owns the… Continue reading Smoky Pork, Potato & Apple Bake

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Mexican Macaroni Salad

It's so, so, so hot outside. It's sticky hot. Knees-sweating hot. I-can't-stand-5-minutes-out-here hot. When it's this incessantly hot outside, I don't feel like eating---much less cooking. Sandwiches, salads, and cold chicken are my best friends in the summertime. I decided to try my hand at grilling for the first time ever yesterday (I'll have much more on that tomorrow) and needed… Continue reading Mexican Macaroni Salad