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German Rice Salad

I've got German food that runs through my blood. My mom's side of the family was very German. Think last names like Schiwart and Knippa. My grandma grew up on a small North Texas farm and learned how to make some of the best German food around. We eat egg noodles for Thanksgiving and Christmas.… Continue reading German Rice Salad

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Creamy Ranch Cauliflower

If you were to meet me for this first time, and you weren't quite sure where I was from, there would be one dead giveaway: my affinity for Ranch dressing. I feel like the ranch obsession kind of originated in the South. I'm not sure the yankees up north have the stomach for it like… Continue reading Creamy Ranch Cauliflower

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Sun-Dried Tomato & Bacon Potato Salad

So, my Memorial Day weekend camping trip has hit a snag. After multiple views of model runs for the weather, we decided to postpone leaving for Sulphur until tomorrow. Rain, wind and hail is supposed to descend on Murray county tonight and that massive storm will last for a whopping 5-6 hours! I didn't think… Continue reading Sun-Dried Tomato & Bacon Potato Salad

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Spinach & Artichoke Twice-Baked Potatoes

Appetizers are probably the greatest food invention of all time. Seriously, hear me out on this one. Appetizers are basically a prelude to the big musical number. They're the opening monologue of a play that sets the tone for the rest of dinner. Appetizers are the introduction to a meal, and first impressions mean everything.  If there… Continue reading Spinach & Artichoke Twice-Baked Potatoes