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Thai Turkey Salad

There's one weird quirk about me and food. I can't eat anything that's blue. I mean unusually blue---I'm not talking about blueberries or blue crab. I'm talking neon-blue-ish. Remember many moons ago when Heinz released blue, green and purple ketchups? I couldn't bring myself to eat the stuff, even if it did taste exactly like… Continue reading Thai Turkey Salad

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Turkey Tortellini Tetrazzini

Merry Christmas, y'all! I hope you're having a great Christmas day. Rob and I both had to work, but we've made the most of it. It definitely helps that are coworkers are like a second family to us, too. Working in television on a holidy is both mind-numbingly boring and crazed at the same time.… Continue reading Turkey Tortellini Tetrazzini

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Roasted Veggie & Turkey Tortellini

The last few day of summer are waning. The heat has come back to Oklahoma with a vengeance. Late summer fare of corn, peaches, and Hatch green chiles flood the grocery store produce section. What have I been doing to celebrate summer's upcoming slumber? Decorating my apartment with all things fall. I actually waited a… Continue reading Roasted Veggie & Turkey Tortellini