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Cheese Fondue Breakfast Bake

If you've ever cut a whole food group out of your diet before, you know the cravings can sometimes end up being too hard to handle. If you ban fruit for a month, you'll find yourself dreaming of bananas. Trying to go vegan? Say hello to cravings of fried chicken, eggs and cheese. If you're… Continue reading Cheese Fondue Breakfast Bake

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French Onion Pork Chops

Can we talk about how difficult it is to caramelize onions? Seriously. It's insane. Ain't nobody got time to babysit a pan full of low-cooking, thin strips of onions for an hour. How come nobody has thought of an easier way? Sure, you can cheat by adding a little bit of sugar, but it's still… Continue reading French Onion Pork Chops

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Andouille and Butternut Squash Stuffing

I am a stuffing fanatic. A stuffing fiend. I have made or tried almost every stuffing under the sun. Southern cornbread. Oyster stuffing. Squash and sausage stuffing. Cranberry and wild rice stuffing. I have stuffed all sorts of meats, veggies, and fruits. I've even dreamt up a restaurant idea that revolves around stuffing. This stuffing recipe… Continue reading Andouille and Butternut Squash Stuffing