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Greek Chicken Noodle Soup

Who need chicken noodle soup when you can make it better? And I mean MUCH better. Season chicken in Greek seasoning and cook this soup with orzo, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and kalamata olives. Soup has never tasted better!

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Cauliflower Antipasto

Raw caulifower and I go way back. Wayyy back. I've always preferred veggie trays that included raw cauliflower. My grandma used to always make a raw cauliflower salad with ranch dressing and green olives (which sounds weird, but tastes INCREDIBLE). I love cauliflower just straight off the head and dipped in ranch---even dipped in nothing… Continue reading Cauliflower Antipasto

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Green Bean Salad with Hearts of Palm

I love that my local grocery store has a little fresh olive bar in the produce section. I bought a handful of super green olives yesterday, and they may be the best I've ever had. They've also got roasted garlic cloves, marinated mushrooms (personal fave), and sometimes dolmas. I'm now slightly obsessed with that olive… Continue reading Green Bean Salad with Hearts of Palm