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Turkey & Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

I've been on this kick lately of eating comfort foods. Filling casseroles, meat and potatoes, and barbecue. Maybe it's because I know those meals won't be appetizing once summer rolls around, or maybe it's just a random craving I've been experiencing. Who knows. I've really started to enjoy shepherd's pie for dinner, though. I made… Continue reading Turkey & Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

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Shrimp & Scallop Spring Pasta

It was a wild night in Oklahoma last night... Severe weather season has officially begun! Storms rollicked across the state, packing a major punch. No tornadoes in OKC, but really high winds caused a ton of damage, especially to State Fair Park. The Centennial Arch, built in the 1970's, didn't survive. There was supposed to be a… Continue reading Shrimp & Scallop Spring Pasta

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Chicken Stroganoff

After weeks of fruitless searching, many manic Walmart frenzies, and and almost uncontrollable urge to order from Hershey directly, I found my most beloved Christmas candy: Hershey's Peppermint Bark Bells. I've been obsessed with these little morsels of heaven ever since my friend Christine introduced them to me two years ago. They're usually easy to… Continue reading Chicken Stroganoff

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Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes, Peas and Mushrooms

Today is DAY ONE of my annual Memorial Weekend Cleaning Extravaganza!!!! I don't think it's normal to be excited about cleaning, so I'll tone down the elation a bit while I explain...Since I work in an industry that doesn't recognize well, any major holiday, Memorial Day weekend means nothing to me. I don't think I've… Continue reading Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes, Peas and Mushrooms