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Christmas Cookie Sticks

The air is cool, crisp, and has a hint of fireplace smoke to it. Lights twinkle in the pre-dawn sky, a pine-scented candle flickers in the distance, and coffee percolates on the countertop. These December mornings have got me feeling all kinds of things. Christmas is about a week away, and I've been immersed in… Continue reading Christmas Cookie Sticks

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Christmas Cake Mix Cookies

I'm about to run out of room in my kitchen with all the cookie-baking I've been doing over the last few weeks. I only have one cookie jar, and four or five Christmas containers. I've been taking most of the Christmas cookies to work (which I think my co-workers appreciate), but I still have an… Continue reading Christmas Cake Mix Cookies

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Christmas Brownie Cookies

Sugar is one of the most addicting substances in the world. It buries itself deep inside your brain thinking you need it---always. The holidays make it extremely hard to not overdo it on the sugar. I've found myself sneaking one cookie...two cookies...three cookies or more. Once you get one, you can't stop. These brownie cookies… Continue reading Christmas Brownie Cookies