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Hummus Ranch Veggie Wrap

The air is brisk. The salt trucks are driving up and down my street. The heater is working overdrive right now. I half-considered not unraveling myself out of my bedroom blankets this morning.

Winter is here and it sucks. I haven’t been outside in days. I haven’t seen the sun in days. The temperature hasn’t gotten above freezing for more than 48 hours now.

We’re in for a long, cold week and a half.

I’ve been trying to perk myself up but I can’t seem to get out of this winter-induced rut. I’ve tried invoking spring feelings by making more spring-type foods. This wrap is one of them.

If you’re eating soup for days straight, you start to miss out on fresh, raw veggies. I was able to whip together this wrap with minimal ingredients. There6-8 are tons of flavors and textures here which make for a really good veggie wrap.

I decided to go with hummus and ranch dressing as a base to really get my tastebuds working. My ranch is a low fat, low cal ranch and it is incredibly easy to make.


Hummus Ranch Veggie Wrap

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

An easy & fresh wrap that is great for a mid-afternoon snack.


  • 1 zucchini, sliced
  • 1 red bell pepper, cut into strips
  • 1 yellow bell pepper, cut into strips
  • 1 green bell pepper, cut into strips
  • 1 cucumber, sliced
  • 1 large carrot, cut into strips
  • 3 cups baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup hummus
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • 2 tsp. Ranch seasoning
  • 2 TBS. fresh dill, chopped
  • 1 TBS. water
  • Tortillas or low carb wraps, for serving


  1. Make the ranch dressing: whisk together Greek yogurt, ranch seasoning, dill and water. Set aside while you build your wraps.
  2. Lay out a tortilla on a flat surface. Spoon 1-2 tablespoons of hummus on tortilla and spread to the outer edges. Spoon 1 tablespoon ranch dressing onto hummus and spread to outer edges as well.
  3. Top with 4-5 slices of zucchini and 3-4 slices of cucumber. Add a few strips of bell pepper and carrots. Top with a handful of spinach. Fold in bottom and top of wrap and then roll wrap from the side, forming a burrito. Cut in half and serve.

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